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Canvas Prints - Framed Prints - Posters - Metal Prints - Acrylic Prints - Wood Prints - Tapestries - Tote Bags - Duvet Covers - Shower Curtains - Throw Pillows - Blankets - Hand & Bath Towels - Beach Towels - Yoga Mats - Jigsaw Puzzles - Coffee Mugs - Phone Cases

It's Not About Me

Rip Read As my girl friend TIKI always says...Two heads are better than one!

Welcome to Sunrise Skies...one of my two principal art forms. The images you'll see here are derived from my recently concluded 5 year art project, shooting over 500 stunning sunrises over the Atlantic Ocean, from beautiful Hollywood Beach, FL.

All of these images were captured at a low angle, from the surf line, viewing a nearly ten mile wide, 170 degree unobstructed panorama of the sun rising over the ocean and Gulf Stream...just a few miles offshore. The concept is designed to put you up close, instantly, immersively and personally, with the three main elements that control all above ground life on this space rock...The Sun...The Sea...and The Atmosphere. Without those 3 things...we're not here!

All of these images are offered to you with my unbending rule...NO PEOPLE!

It's not a trip to the beach...this work is not about that at all...as you'll see...and feel.

More To The Picture Than Meets The Eye - Welcome to the Intersection of Art and Nature Therapy...Quantifiable...and Undeniable!

This work brings you a most powerful and instant connection to nature and the natural world...by design. Because the focus is on the natural scene, literally every human that can see, can and will connect to these images, at the core resonant level. These images are 'uniters', as they present the connective thread that we all have to each other, nature and natural environments.

The foundations of this body of work are closely connected to ART (Attention Restoration Theory), SRT (Stress Reduction Theory), Neurobiophilia, and all related clinical and scholarly work in these fields. You will find yourself "locking in", dwelling on a particular image in this archive...one you can't take your eyes off of...or one you keep coming back to...you'll actually feel yourself being refocused on that image...uncontrollably...and liking it!

That my friends, is, literally, the clinical revelation of ART...the immediate focusing...or refocusing of one's attention...on this powerful and natural image...leaving behind all other immediate thoughts, stresses, or issues of the moment that had your head buzzing...just a few minutes ago. Now you are refocused, relaxing, experiencing the undeniable natural therapeutic benefits of the human/nature connection....and that's a very good thing!

Enjoy your browsing...please come back, anytime, for some instant relaxation and passive stress relief. Better yet...order something with that one 'special' image you keep focusing on...to have immediately available in one of your special spaces...and, please share these images with your friends, family and social networks...they need this stuff too!

I always say...It's not about me...it's about the art. My real artist friends know exactly what I mean...the art comes first. That must be why we're all starving!

That said...I can be a shameless self-promoter, sometimes. For the past 20 plus years I've been a large scale specialty muralist...working globally. My specialty is the night sky...as seen from Earth...or Deep Space. My StarMurals deliver a completely realistic view of the Universe...near and far. The key dynamics are...they are invisible by day...or in normal room lighting...just like the real night sky. All StarMurals glow in the dark...all night long...without electricity...and all of the stars twinkle...subtly brightening and dimming. The entire work of art is literally alive with movement...like nothing you've ever seen. Each StarMural delivers all of the above...and a 3 dimensional effect that will blow you away!

Over 20 years so far...over 1,000 custom StarMurals in 13 countries...and, Believe It Or Not...immortalized...by Ripley's!

Check out my starmurals.com website for the bigger picture...over 30 pages..hundreds of visuals...and full audio too.

See the StarMurals website on a computer or tablet, for the best experience.

Thanks Again...for stopping by...and for your interest in my art...very much appreciated!

Rip Read

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